DigiNet Software 5.2

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Activation key is required for software use. The key can be purchased at the end of the download for a new low price of $99.95 ( Updated April 6th 2009)

Version 5.2

  • PDA Version for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6
  • Vista Client Update
  • IP Camera Interface (hybrid DVR operation)
  • 10% Video Quality Improvement
  • Backup Search has been greatly improved for the Client
  • Remote User Management has been added to the Client
  • Diginet can now function for certain NVIDIA graphics cards
  • PTZ cameras can now be controlled with an XBOX Controller
  • It is now possible to set the Baud Rate on the communications port for PTZ cameras
  • Certain issues with SigmaTel Audio drivers have been fixed
  • DVW now supports ACTI IP cameras
  • Integration with ISONAS Access Control systems is now available

Version 5.1

  • Updated Driver Set
  • Updated GUI
  • Web DVR Upgrades (Web Browser Interface)
  • Unlimited User Names and Passwords
  • Point of Sale Interface
    • Text Overlay
    • Searchable POS Database
  • Added Support for Embedded XP operating System (can be purchased from ASG)
  • Quick CD Burn (for faster video Backups)
  • Change IP Address within the DVR Server Program
  • Camera names are viewable in search and backup screens
  • Online Help
  • Quick Help Manual
  • Software Key Protection
  • Several PTZ Protocols Added (Pelco P)
  • Bug Fixes since Version 4.1.3

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